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IFR Clearance help


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Hey Guys!

I'm neither a pilot nor an air traffic controller (real or simulated) but am taking an aviation course and am hoping one of you could be of some help to me. I have an assignment where I have to plan a route from KPOC to KTOA, and then answer about 50 questions about it, so those answers are dependent on getting the route information right. Here are the weather briefings, if its relevant:


KPOC METAR: KPOC 101547Z 24010KT 3SM BR BKN011 BKN037 14/12 A3003


KTOA METAR: KTOA 101547Z 30010KT 1SM +RA OVC013 16/12 A2998 RMK A02 RAB20 $


Based on this, I'm supposed to write out the IFR Clearance that I would be expected to get for the departure and enroute portion of the flight (using the CRAFT model). I'm really only confused about R and A (route/altitude). Should I be basing this off the listed departure procedure, or the TEC route? And when ATC gives the clearance, what would be the proper phraseology?


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but all of this is completely new to me. If someone could guide me in the right direction, I'd be extremely grateful.

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