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Brain Fade-- Is FS9 supposed to pause when you click the menu bar above?


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I've been on FSX lately and returned to FS9 to continue on some long standing projects I left over here. Upon opening up I notice that when clicking on the top screen menus, the simulator pauses. I compared it to FSX and it doesn't do it there-- the audio cuts out, but the plane keeps flying. Did I just have a brain freeze and forget that it's paused in FS9 all along, or did I somehow mess something up, and it's not supposed to do that? If it's something on my setup, how do I fix that? I'd like the plane to keep on moving, even if I hit a top menu command. Sound dropping out I seem to recall is par for the course... but I don't remember it pausing.


BTW, In the general settings box, I have the "Pause on Program change" box UN-checked, so that's not an issue. And I tried clicking on another program just to see if I could make it pause and it didn't. So it's just the menu.


I probably just forgot that that's the way it's always been on FS9, but I just want to make sure.




-- John

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