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Remote Control Mods or Set up?


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I'd love to use FSX for some RC flight, I've not tried the idea of using a plane at 2x speed and view from an ATC tower to simulate it yet.


Does anyone have any other way to simulate it? Are there any mods relating to it?

If not, is anyone willing to make some? I could try to learn it myself, but I'd take a while to complete that probably.

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I don't know of any r/c planes for FSX, but you don't really need any, just fly any stock plane from the tower and away you go..:)

It's a good idea of yours to fly at 2x speed to simulate a hot r/c plane.

Try the stock FSX Extra 300 if you want a real extra-hot challenge, and for dramatic effect you can toggle smoke on with the 'i' key

By the way, sometimes the tower window frames keep getting in the way so pick a tower that gives you a clear view, small field towers are best in that respect rather than big airport towers.

I just googled 'fsx r/c' and a bunch of hits came up where people discuss the whole subject.


PS- I was a real-life r/c flyer 30 years ago, my wrecks are scattered all over central England!

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