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4k monitor gives higher FPS with no noticeable loss of quality

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I am running X-Plane on a 4K monitor at 30-40FPS in New York suburbs/airport + weather + plugins + HS scenery. On my 1080P monitor, the MSAA was set to 8x (maximum) and gave the same FPS but at 4 times less resolution! On my 4K monitor, I have MSAA set to 4X (second highest setting) and get 30-40 FPS in New York and over 100 FPS flying at altitude with a high cloud draw distance. There is no loss of picture quality between these two settings, and 4K monitor gives better performance and overall picture quality. Never again will I be gaming on 1080P monitors.


My CPU is 4.6GHZ OC i7 4790 and GTX 970.


Has anyone else here noticed this too?

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