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Scenery Buildings Advice/Help


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Hi there , i have a couple of question's regarding scenery buildings , i have made 2 ww2 airfields the 1st is RAF KIMBOLTON , UK , and the 2nd is RAMITELLI , Italy , home the RED TAILS , my question is i have done the airfields with ADE , they show up in FS9 just fine , i want to add some scenery objects like huts,tents, etc to make it look good , i use the FLIGHT1 Instant scenery , if i add the " fixings" would i have to create the scenery/texture files for people to see the buildings ? if so would i have to go through ALL the files in instant scenery to find the ones i used and put them into the files ? or is there a better way to do this so people can see the buildings etc .


Any help/advice would be appreciated.

"Pilots do it with Thrust"
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There are a number of stock objects that everyone has in library .bgls located in Scenery\Global\scenery. If you use only those objects in your placements then your scenery won't require any additional object downloads.


Also an in-depth overview of stock FSX objects and their respective .bgls here:



If you do use 3rd party objects Instant Scenery has a report function on one of the menus (can't remember which, I think last button on the right) that'll show you which libraries your end user will need to download. You can copy & paste from the report into your readme.

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Oops sorry, I didn't catch that you were doing this for FS9. I think the instant scenery report function differentiates between stock & non-stock libraries regardless though so it should still help you determine which libs your end user will need.


I don't know if this helps but I did a directory of the FS9 disks a few years back so possibly you could also use it to determine if a .bgl was default or not. If you go to the disk 3 page and click on the MSGAME*.cab links you should be able to locate the stock libraries:



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