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.DDS textures not showing


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Hi there,


I have been adding some new paints with UT2 and replacing old liveries.

I have downloaded some files from DJC Airbus which have .bmp textures and they're showing up fine.


I have tried downloading some HD paints from FAIB but they're not showing.

In the texture folders they're showing as .DDS so I'm not sure if it's making a difference?


It's not that they're appearing as plain black textures, the aircraft just disappear altogether.

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Try changing the alpha channel to all white (255,255,255)


Using DXTbmp, the alpha channel is that box in the upper right. Using the menu commands, send the Alpha to your editor,

paint it all white,

save it using your editor,

refresh/reload (I don't recall the exact terminology),

then save it using DXTbmp.

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