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I'm looking for top quality payWave for a few cities and can't find any. I'm a .NET & PHP developer by trade so am contemplating developing my own scenery.



how is this done in FSX?

Where do you start?

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What scenery are you looking for exactly? maybe someone knows something.


Developing for FSX: you start by installing the FSX SDK, reading the documentation within and visiting fsdeveloper.com. Making scenery is less of a programming job and more graphic design actually.


As for cities: I suggest building a photo scenery first (there is a tutorial in these forums) then throwing in some nice autogen objects. Perhaps moving on to custom built objects (houses etc) by reading the multi-part tutorial about SketchUp right on this site (see "features")

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I use FSearthTiles for making photoscenery.


Use ADE for airports and elevations.


Sketchup is good for making custom objects, e.g buildings.


If you ever have any success in making your own mesh, I'd love to know how as I could never master it from scratch.


Have a read through the SDK - it's a heavy read, but it's useful to be aware of the content even though you may only use it as a reference library.


making scenery is very time consuming, but great fun and very rewarding. It's quite a learning curve though and much more complicated that you might first imagine.



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As others have mentioned, most development tasks in FS are drag and drop with property entries with various tools. There is almost no logic programming or branching and no typical programming languages used (unless you want to develop your own tools.)


The closest to actual logic programming FS gets is gauges and missions (which are coded in XML) and LUA when creating interactions with simconnect and external programs using FSUIPC. Gauges can also be coded in C but it's a lot easier to code in XML since there is no compiler hogwash, the results are instant- more like scripting.


Graphics design and 3D CAD are the driving skills in anything visual within FS.



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