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ASN. Can it be used for both FSX and Steam?


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It works with both box FSX and FSX-SE. You choose which one in the ASN control

program. IE: if it's set to FSX, you go into the ASN program and choose Steam, and

then shut it down and fire it back up, and then it's working for SE. And visa versa..

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From their website forum, yes. Also, if you do install ASN with a dual install of FSX + FSX:SE, make sure you have SimConnect.xml in BOTH locations, or ASN will NOT work. I don't have a dual install. But on their forum, this was addressed and answered when someone else asked the same question, but with a simconnect issue. Simconnect comes with ASN.




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Confirmed ASN SP2c works with both. There is a setting in the options to inform ASN you have multiple installs of FSX (Boxed, SE/P3D) There are also entries you make in the options to set the paths for these so ASN does not get confused. When in doubt, the program manual is very clear and detailed on the install and configuration, options for the various FS versions.




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