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fuel range issues with defult 737-800


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Not sure if anyone has posted on this, my first post...

Does anyone notice how quickly the 737-800 goes through its fuel, as in well before its maximum range. Is it just a default setting that I need to change in weight and payload. Just curious... Struggle to.. say for example (being kiwi and flying the trans-tasman routes) from Auckland to say for example Brisbane and just be running out of fuel.

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Yep, it's been brought up before.. The default 737 is not too accurate on fuel

burn. The mentioned cfg change would likely help a good bit. But how you fly the

plane can make a big difference too.. IE: how high, speeds, etc.. In general, the

higher the flight level, the lower the fuel burn, not accounting for any head winds

at certain altitudes.

I've seen a few that tend to fly too low for the path flown, which could burn excess

fuel. IE: they would run in the mid 20's flight levels, when they really should be in the

mid to upper 30's, with the NG being rated up to FL410 if able. Sometimes you can't

go that high if hauling a heavy load..

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I've found a fullen laden 737-800 will really struggle to climb beyond FL350. Anything more than +300/400 fpm and it starts to loose speed.


OK, what's your issue? Many aircraft loaded to the max require a seriously low fpm setting. Though most, if not all of them perform better if eased up to where their engines and airframes perform at their best. Learn what you are flying. Fly it within it's frugal limits.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Thanks heaps for the instant reply's sorry for the late reply!!!

That change thing has helped a lot!!! I can now fly from Queenstown to Brisbane WITH the unlimited fuel checked OFF!!!

Is there any change for the defult Beechking??? The very high one push f3 idle speed

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