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Looking for c47 / DC3 /Cargo / Passanger interior views


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When i open cargo or passenger doors I can see inside.

Isn't there away to add views via cfg file?


Of course you can add any view you want to in aircraft.cfg, but the view you see in the sim will be of thin air unless the cabin interior has been fully rendered as meshes and textures by the author of the airplane or repaint. I don't actually know if Microsoft fully rendered the cabin interiors of its default DC-3s, but I highly doubt it... if they had rendered cabin interiors, it stands to reason that there would already be some pre-set views for them- otherwise, why bother rendering them?


In other words, you can't add views of objects that do not exist in the model, such as seats, curtains, overhead bins, commodes, pallets, crates, etc..... all of these things would have had to have been drawn by the author of the airplane in order for you to see them.


So unless the author of the airplane has drawn full 3D graphic depictions of the cabin interior as viewed from (wherever you are trying to view it from, i.e. the cockpit door or whatever) you can add the view in aircraft.cfg all you want, but you won't see any cabin interior objects because they do not exist.


For example- here is a view of a C-47 with both doors open. From this viewpoint, it looks like the cabin interior is fully rendered. You can see the benches down each side:



However, if you get a closer view from a different angle, you can see that the depiction of the cabin ends abruptly in a featureless gray wall about midway up the aisle:



So obviously, the author of this airplane drew only enough of the cabin to make it SEEM as though it existed when viewed from a normal distance and angle through the open doors... but clearly, adding an interior view of this cabin from the cockpit door would be pointless, since the cabin does not exist further forward than the gray wall halfway up the aisle.

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