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FSX Activation Problem.. And I Tried Everything :'(

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Hello people, I'm new to this website... This is my first post (and thread) :)


Yeah, I tried everything that everyone and Microsoft suggested:


1.) I tried unchecking the "run in compatibility mode" checkbox, but I found out that it was already unchecked. I Tried checking and unchecking it and going through the activation window... to no avail. Also tried it on the DVDCheck file... no response.


2.) I tried changing the Upperfilters value, but the folder which should have it does not house it.


3.) I tried reinstalling... made the problem worse. Good thing I managed to save my RAR files in my External Hard Disk. Gonna cry if I forgot to do it.


4.) I tried download Microsoft Fix It... :(


5.) I tried running in Administrator mode... :'( :mad:


The list goes on...


What shall I do?

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Welcome to the Forum! Are you getting error codes? This is FSX-MS (discs) and not FSX-SE (Steam Edition)? It also doesn't hurt to list your system specs.

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A few questions.


1. Are you installing FSX Deluxe?


2. Are you getting Error 1722?


If so, there is a tool to use to correct this (I've used it).


Download here: http://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/18934/fsx-resetsldlexe/



Hope this helps.




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When you install fsx, a couple of entry's get installled for fsx in the systems registry.

This makes the system aware that fsx is installed, and where it is.

(I'm no expert on the registry, the above is my 'interpretation')


The resetsldl.exe removes the registry entry's.

I'm afraid that will still not allow you to simply activate.

But it will allow you to do a fresh install. And activation then will (should) work


(You can still save your fsx files if you want, the are not removed by resetsldl.exe)

or just rename the "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" folder, that way you have the files, and the original folder(-name) is gone as well :)


[ If you don't use resetsldl.exe first and simply reinstall, like you did now, there is often a problem activating. Exactly like you have now.]


have a look here. it's about 1722.

I write there about microsoft kb928080, but that is the same as resetsldl.exe you have now from Simviation.

Its just the original as published by microsoft, that's all.



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