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Virtavia Problems


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Is anyone else irritated by the very short 50% off sale (on Virtavia) at FS Pilots' Shop?


I set up my order at night, intending to use my credit card the next morning.

The sale was off, and things were back to retail. No warnings or e-mails were received.

A complaint to FS Pilots' Shop stated that they have no control of the price.

It is said that the manufacturers ordain these sales. I think this is a publicity stunt, with a bad odor.


First E-mail from FS Pilots' Shop: April 25th 2015

May 2nd 2015 (sale ends) with no warning


A Flash sale for 48 hours for the B-29 and Virtavia F-105D (Australia) was also seen.

Seedy if you ask me.


B-47 - Tahoe - 3 (Medium).jpg737 SW lands Innsbruck-2 (Medium).JPG

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"First E-mail from FS Pilots' Shop: April 25th 2015

May 2nd 2015 (sale ends) with no warning"

Based on what you posted it looks like you had about a week to pull the trigger.

Nothing to see here. Moving along...

Robert Kerr

3D Modeler & Texture Artist

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bought a fair few of these addons when they were alphasims property (talking 5 plus years ago). I must admit to being a bit bemused by the high profile plug these virtavia addons get all the time. Given their age there's no comparison with newer mods out by the likes of iris, aerosoft or milviz. Anyone else equally boggled?
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Alphasim and now Virtavia have provided us with a wonderful range of products and they are generally pitched at a reasonable price.

Not everyone wants an aircraft that requires learning a 400 to 500 page manual.


Name one other organisation that has provided the vast range of military aircraft that they have , there isn't one.


I admire all the organisations , whoever they might be , creating these aircraft is a huge undertaking , and I appreciate their efforts and products.


I hope that I never berate or run down any of them.


We are very fortunate with the wide range of both freeware and commercial products that are currently available for us to use in the Flight Simulator.




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