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Virtual Cockpit panel problem


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Hi everyone I just ran into a problem.I cannot get the MFD to display correctly in 737-400 (default virtual cockpit). I removed the default HSI and swaped it with MFD which shows airports and waypoints (I like it as it is real and no aircraft in fs9 or fsx has it which can show airports, waypoints or NDB or CSTR.I placed the MFD in vc but the black background is too small and the edges of MFD don't show show up correctly as the silver/grey color of the vc has the same color as of the writings in MFD (wind speed, wind direction or distance of any airport etc) I cannot clearly see it and the name of airports can be seen in the fmc!!!!! (default fmc which doesn't work). Is there anyway I can increase the size of that black background and get the full view of MFD???


Any help would be admired.

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Also post the changes you made to the panel.cfg so we can replicate them.



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