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Annoying message

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This is not directly FSX related, but I hope someone can shed some light on this. Whenever I open a UTube video, I get a message squarely in the middle of the screen saying


Adobe Flash Player Settings

Local Storage

vds.rightster.com is requesting permission to store information on your computer.

Requested: up to 10kB

Currently used: 0kB


Allow Deny


Of course I have not clicked on anything, as these things can be trapped, but clicking any of the video settings freezes the video - very annoying! Has any of you experienced this and/or know of a solution?

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A proper Flash Player installation won't freeze like that. Not updating it, perhaps? I'd uninstall Flash Player, reboot, and reinstall, making sure you're getting your software from Adobe and not some third-party web site. Here's good info about what Flash local storage is about:


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Actually it turned out to be much less serious. I quote Adobe's answer:



"That dialog should go away once you click a button. If it's not, then I suspect you're running into a bug (or incompatibility with your video display/driver) within Flash Player. The easiest way to take care of this is the following:


1. Open your system control panel or preferences


2. Find and open the Flash Player control panel (this will be called Flash Player (32-bit) on Windows)


3. Select the "Storage" tab


4. Select either "Allow sites to save information on this computer" (my recommendation) or "Block all sites from storing information on this computer". You're probably set to "Ask me before allowing new sites to save information on this computer".


Restart your browser and you shouldn't get that dialog again."



My guess is that I have been running "Allow" for years, and recent security operations changed it to "Ask me". The resulting cashe is easily eliminated when running cleanup programs like CCleaner.

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