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AFCAD Strange behavior


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This is my first post, I am currently making Amberley (YAMB) RAAF base in Queensland


The problem I am having is the papi lights are not on the runway, I even made the afcad from scratch and checked online for the info needed, but at night my approach lights don't align to the runway, yes all the instruments work for ILS 15, see screen shots attached, been pulling my hair out for over a week now, and thus resorted to asking here, I also made the RAAF base at Williamtown for FSX, Maitland airports and a few others will Mark Griggs, it's not new to me but this is, available here on FS.com I have also can supply the afcad to anyone who wants to see it.


I always thought the lighting system was part of the runway afcad maybe I was wrong within FSX??YAMB3.jpgYAMB2.jpgYAMB1.jpgYAMB4.jpgYAMB5.jpgYAMB6.jpg

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