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Plane Spawning on Runway-- Clicking on the dots

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Title is a bit puzzling, so allow me to explain.  I don't always fly "cold-and-dark".  Sometimes I like to start warmed up and ready to go, at the head of the given runway.  I've noticed an annoying issue, and wonder if others have noticed this:


The "placement dots" are usually on the ends of the runway (I'm sure there are exceptions, but I just mean for the most part).  I click on the dot, but when the plane spawns, it usually spawns up by the first taxiway past the piano-bars, and the heading number.  NOT where I had clicked on the dot to begin with.  Why does it do this, and is there a way to fix it?Dotsatendofrunway.jpg.93319147787cce304039996a5e18aec1.jpg





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I don't think we really know the details on how this work. I've noticed something similar, but sort of in the opposite direction...I click the dot for the end of the runway but the plane spawns at the end of the taxiway by the hold short line. This actually makes some sense but isn't really what you would expect.


It surely depends on the data used the create the airport layouts. How often have you seen this? It may well vary from country to country depending on what layout data is available. I wonder also if there is a variation depending on your chosen aircraft?


I doubt there is a way to fix this on a wholescale basis but some experimentation might allow a greater understanding of what is happening.

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Runway start locations can be positioned with airport editor programs such as ADE; but they are entirely arbitrary because there is no such thing as a start location marker:

The Essential Guide to Runway Markings - Pilot Institute

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Lol, apparently inherited from FS2004.  I've been plopped down at one end of a runway then given takeoff clearance for the other end;  dropped into the grass 50 yards off the runway; placed on the runway ready for takeoff only to be told to get in line behind a dozen other aircraft;  been positioned at the right spot on the runway ...but sitting 90deg to it.  In each case a simple matter to slew into position, but I shouldn't have to.

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Thank you all who responded to my post in a timely fashion.  It's much appreciated, even if there's no solution to the challenge.  JGF's slew recommendation certainly makes sense.  I resorted to reverse thrust on occasion, but know I would catch heck for that in real life!  LOL

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