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Landing and take-off issues in FSX Steam

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I have an issue woth my take-offs and landings on an aircraft carrier.

As you can see of the attached image (taken from Airport Design Editor), runway 27C is the take-off runway with all taxiways leading from the parkings to the hold-short node whereas runway 27 is the landinng runway with the taxiways leading from the hold-short node to the parkings.

Thus I've declared runway 27C CLOSED for landings and runway 27 CLOSED for take-offs with Airport Design Editor. Ruinways 9 and 9C are closed for both take-offs and landings.

Now what happens is that aicraft (from my home-made AI Traffic) take-off from runway 27 even though it is closed for take-offs and also, aircraft land on runway 27C even though it is closed for landings.

Does anyone has any idea as to why this happens and is it possible to fix it ?

Thank yopu so much for your kind cooperation and help.

Cordially Yours,
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I have no idea about this software, but you might have a naming convention error with your runways. Conventionally, the same airfield cannot have a runway named "27" and simultaneously "27C." A runway without a side letter signifies that it is the only runway for that direction of the airport. A runway named "Center" implies there are 3 total parallel runways (LEFT-CENTER-RIGHT).

That might be a source of your problem, but I have never used your software so you may want to check.

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Thank you so much for answering mez so promptly.


For your information, the software that I use to create/modify airports is Airport Design Editor (ADE).


Next to your reply, I renamed both runways 27L and 27R. Sadly that did not change the issue and I really don't understand why the aircraft are not complying with the design of the airport. An aircraft should ,not land on a runway that is closed for landings, same with taking_off from a runway that is closed for take-offs.


Anyway, thank you so much again for kindly trying to help me, that was most appreciated.

Cordially Yours,

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5 hours ago, dlfrenchmd said:

Thanks for sharing this interesting problem. Probably a few people thinking about this one. I'm one of them. Hmmm.

So this is not just me. That does not fix the problem but at least, it's reassuring.


I even tried to change my take-off runway (27C on the above image to a non-parallel runway that I placed on the extreme portside of the flightdeck. Then I renamed 27C tp 26 and I named the take-off runway 27. Next I used the ADE tool that enables crosswind-runways to work in FSX as shown below :


- RWY 26/08      Heading 261.3, the landing runway, closed for take-offs,

- RWT 26C/08C Headind 268.8,, the crosswind-runway,

- EWY 27/09      Heading 270   , the take-off runway, closed for landings.

  In this case, runways 08 and 09 are completely closed for bothe landings and take-offs.8


But unfortunately, that didn't work either and I'm just guessing, until proven otherwise, that one crosswind runway only is not enough to make the ADE tool work.


Now I'm just being curious : did you try to make it work and if so, what did you try ?


Thank you so much for letting me know I'm not the oinly person facing this problem. Hopefully we'll get an answer.

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10 hours ago, Pierre_NC said:

Thank you so much for letting me know I'm not the oinly person facing this problem.


Not encouraging, but I tried this years ago and never got it to work.

It's too long ago to remember all details, but I know I eventually gave up. Sorry.



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