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Forcing anti-aliasing with Intel Graphics Command Center

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Hey everyone - I'm using FSX steam edition on my laptop with a Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and Intel Integrated Graphics - it works fine for my needs, but I can't get anti-aliasing to work. The in-game setting does work fine, but it basically halves my FPS which is crazy.


I've been able to force AA in the past on different machines using, for example, the Nvidia control panel, and Intel have their own equivalent called the 'Intel Command Center' so I downloaded that. I added FSX.exe from my steam folder as a game reference, and then I have the option for AA to choose between App-controlled, Always off and CMAA.


I tried CMAA, but it makes no difference. Has anyone managed to use this Intel option with FSX:SE and knows what's needed to make it work? Or maybe there's a better way to force AA within FSX?


Thanks 😀

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