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FSX stops working


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FSX is regularly stopping working and needs to be re-launched - very annoying. The Microsoft event log gives the following message:



Faulting application name: fsx.exe, version: 10.0.61637.0, time stamp: 0x46fadb14

Faulting module name: jf_a320.GAU, version:, time stamp: 0x4c5af229

Exception code: 0xc0000417


Would be grateful if someone could interpret it for me.




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First thing I'd do is check either the gauges or modules folder and look for that exact file sitting in there. In the case of your error report, the file in question is the item named, "jf_a320.gau". The report calls it a module, but .gau is a gauge file extension name-- so be sure to check both!


Secondly, temporarily disable it by either

A. Creating a new folder (somewhere you'll remember where you put it) named "storage", "hide", etc. and put it in there to get it out the way.

Or B. Leaving it exactly where it is but change the file extension suffix to ".gax" or some other offbeat name that will disable it and turn it off.


The point is to disable it to test whether doing so solves your problem. If it does, then you know there's something about that particular file that either your computer or your install of FSX doesn't like. If it makes no difference and the shutdown is still happening, then you know that the error report indicated a false positive (a red herring) and your hunt for the prob continues.


If it does turn out that the .gau file was the bad culprit, and you seem to notice your sim runs better w/o it, I still wouldn't immediately delete it and get rid of it for good. Mainly because you don't know what else it controls! Maybe it was a file that came with a payware A320 you recenly bought-- (did you?) But maybe it is linked to other planes in the Airbus A320-Family in FSX-- like the default A321 for example. And you might be missing important gauges or something. And if those defaults alias to who knows what else, you might be doing more harm than good. It is obviously there for a reason. But a sim that keeps CTD'ing is worthless too, so see what works and what doesn't. If the file being taken out affects no other planes beside those in the A320 family, then maybe you can fly everything else on the menu and have a sim that stops crashing as well.


Finally, you may also want to check if there's a fix for that file. Google the name of the file.


Good luck,


-- John

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You may find this article I found helpful. It's a review for the Just Flight A320, and it mentions a patch for the file you're having trouble with.


Under the heading "Custom MCDU" is the following quote from the reviewer:


"I found the MCDU relatively easy to use and simple to adjust or change. My computer configuration must not agree with it a lot since I would often get FSX to come to crushing halt after going through several pages and the culprit listed on the error screen includes one jf_a320.gau. I have contacted the Just Flight’s customer support and downloaded the latest patch for the plane, but according to their representative - who answered my inquiry very promptly (within 12 hours) - this is not a common error among the A320 users."


So my guess is that it's not a patch you can find in the forum downloads for free, but rather one that you have to go to the payware manufacturer for.


-- John

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gives the FSX error when I activate the AI aircraft and I have just installed this type of aircraft for the Simulator's air traffic



Didn't see your post via my phone email response until tonight (Saturday night out here in California). What FSX error did you get, and was it related to the A320 error that Robert1936 was referring to? If not, you may wish to post a new thread going into greater detail, because I don't have much to go on from what you described, and I'm really not the person to talk to about FSX. I'm mainly an FS9'er, just getting my feet wet myself on this.


I sorta' got lucky being able to help Robert out, because I Googled a solution that was very specific to his payware. More general issues that are global are much more hit and miss and much harder to nail down. If your's is specifically with AI traffic and doesn't involve use of the same Airbus A320 in question (the "Just Flight" A320), then I doubt I can help you, or this thread is the right course of action.




-- John

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