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Taxiing Carenado C90


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I have one problem with this significant airplane: I can't keep it straight when taxiing and especially while accelerating on take off and when landing too, it veers to the side. Caravan doesn't have this problem, neither the larger PMDG J41, F1 ATR etc...

Any thoughts?

Does Carenado B200 also have this problem? Not that it goes off the runway but these radical deviations are kind of a pain.

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This is basically a King Air, so when having trouble, put the default Beech King Air (which flies great in any kind of weather) on the same runway in the same weather and see if it's the plane or your technique.


Most small planes are very sensitive to crosswind, so you also need to report to us the crosswind component when you are having trouble (runway direction, wind direction and speed.) You can also shut down ASN. As soon as you do that, ASN forces FSX into default clear and calm with no wind. If you have no trouble with that, then the possibilities are:

1) You are not used to taxi and take off in a crosswind. Takes practice. Planes do not automatically straiten themselves.

2) You may not have understood the tank configuration and maybe not fuel balanced.

3) You might have a differential brake applied.

4) One engine not spooled to same power level.

5) Your stick may be be misconfigured to restrict the rudder deflection. Rudder, not aileron is your friend in a crosswind.

6) You need to get used to the idea that in significant crosswind, you will struggle to compensate until you get enough headwind flowing through the tail to negate the wind hitting the side of the tail.



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