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So i pretty much take off from jfk all the time so my take off fps are 90, ok so let say i had to do something and i minimize fs, like when it's down in the tool bar. IF its like that for like 20 min and then open it again and fly my fps go to 40 and stays like that anyone know why? And it does it all the time, if i just minimize it for a few min its fine but like 20 min on it does it. If i want my fps back i have to restart it!!!!

windows 11, asus crosshair viii dark hero, 64mb g.skill d4 4000 ram, amd ryan9 5950 clocked to 4.3, noctua nh-u12s, asus rtx 4080 oc, 2x samsung 980 pro ssd 3tb m.2 nvme x3
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While I cannot answer your question, I did have a similar problem some time ago.  If I went away and left MSFS running for 20 minutes or longer, I had to restart it to get it working again.  This does not happen now so all I can think is that some updates interacted with my PC's set-up in some mysterious manner and that some later update has changed that.  Not much help I suppose, but misery does like company.  😃

Windows 11, GeForce GTX 1660ti; 3.60 gigahertz AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core; Kingston SA2000M81000G SSD; 16 gb RAM; CH yoke; Saitek pedals; Two monitors; TrackIR 3.

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