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Final Countdown: miniFCU Kickstarter Launch in 24 Hours!

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Hey everyone! The moment we've been waiting for is almost here! In just 24 hours, we'll be launching our Kickstarter campaign for the miniFCU, the ultimate flight simulation autopilot control interface!
Save the date: 31st May 2023, 12:00 (EDT) / 16:00 (UTC)
We're offering an incredible deal during the first 24 hours, with the miniFCU available for just US $99 for the first 1,000 units. Don't miss out! Make sure to follow our Kickstarter page and secure this limited-time offer!
We've prepared a sneak peek of our Kickstarter campaign video. Watch the teaser above and get ready to experience the future of flight simulation. The full version will be available on Kickstarter very soon!
Spread the word and share the excitement with your friends, family, and fellow aviation enthusiasts. Together, let's make the miniFCU a reality!
Stay tuned for more updates and join us in making this dream come true. We can't wait to show you what we've prepared for the launch of the miniFCU Kickstarter campaign.
miniCOCKPIT Team
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58 minutes ago, JSkorna said:

Reported as Spam.

C'mon, Jim!  Aren't you going to send $100 to Hong Kong on a MAYBE? 😄

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Ummmmmmm............  no. At one time commercial developers could not post about their products or upcoming releases in the general Sim forums. Provide support? Yes. Advertise? Nope.

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Your post was on topic so I didn't deem it out of place.  I consider as spam those incessant posts listing links to streaming soccer matches or cut-rate viagra.

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