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Texan ii


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Just a short one while I have a cup of tea at work. I heard a couple of fast props go by (too many buildings in the way to see them but Flightradar24 is great) and am wondering...


Is there a Texan ii or a Pilatus PC-9 with a convincing VC available for FS9?



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On the Simviation site under their "Vintage" catagory, a North American T-6 Texan (Harvard) has been posted as a KLM flight lessons aircraft. May not be exactly what you are looking for but is in any case something in your direction.





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Thanks Hans.


The original Texan was quite a beast in its own right but I was hoping to find Junior, which is based on the PC-9. The newer PC-21 would be even more fun: a single prop capable of 370 kt up to FL370.


Here's grandpa & junior:



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Unfortunately only repaints can be found here on FlightSim.

An ex-payware version is available on Simviation:



Most current updated payware is available at:



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That Simviation plane looked so promising. I tried it but unless there's some wizardry that I could apply, it's for FSX only: the model makes my FS9 crash.

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