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Day-time Moon

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I love moon pies to....

Wait tell you see lighting flash reflection under and side of aircraft.

Remember, if you push screenshot when you see flash your too late.

Ill try to have moon above aircraft and lighting flash reflection under and side of aircraft.

Like the man said "It ain't EZ".

I did ounce before with just lighting/ No cut and paste or Paint Shop Pro lighting tool.

Assign 1 key for screenshot/ Slew/ Position aricraft 38k' + above storm/ press key apx every second hopping to catch flash.

I might get it the 1st time or the 100th time...... and the moon moves so you must re-position aircraft every 15 to 20 sec.

Ill try tomorrow..I was waiting for a contest caus I know it would have knocked your socks off.

Army Engineer Veteran..Busted for insubordination Nam-1966 :cool:
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