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Kar Kar Island, PNG

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Kar Kar Island was formed by a dormant volcano off the North Coast of Papua New Guinea. We used our Piper Aztec to fly in personnel and supplies in the mid-1960s, only to have to hurriedly evacuate everything a short time later because the volcano started erupting. The photograph shows our Piper Aztec on the airfield in the mid-1960s just before the eruption. The screenshot from flight simulator shows a slightly different background now, possibly because successive eruptions have changed the shape of the island a little!

Kar Kar Is NW Madang airfield small.jpg

Kar Kar Island msfs screenshot small.jpg

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Great share! Nice to tie our lives into flight simming.

Always Aviate, then Navigate, then Communicate. And never be low on Fuel, Altitude, Airspeed, or Ideas.

phrog x 2.jpg

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One of the great things about flight simming is the ability to recreate RW flights from our past.  The major upgrade in accurate worldwide scenery in FS2020 has provided a significant improvement in this area.  Your interesting story and comparison of RW/FS shots are excellent examples.


For another example see my "P3C Departing Lajes AB" in the videos section.  This is a flight I have made many times in the RW and the aircraft out-the-window visuals and FS scenery in the video are virtually identical to the RW.

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