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iFly or PMDG 747


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I wonder what people use more often (or prefer).

iFly has a nice VC visuals, I had about 15-20 flights in it initially being happy it is more modern than PMDG, PMDG was shelved forever I thought. But all of a sudden I did what I never thought I would do: I gave it up in favor of old PMDG! iFly is just too hard to manage (especially on approach) due to "underprogrammed" (not to offend anyone) autopilot compared to PMDG: Autothrottle, flap speeds, VNAV on descend, ILS intercept... plus poor fps performance. I was told iFly will release an update addressing these issues during summer 2015, but meanwhile... meanwhile I wonder which of the two people chose to fly.

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