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Problem With Camera Assignments

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Since MSFS came out in August 2020, when in Cockpit View, I had been able to look to my left by pushing the POV hat on my Logitech joystick to the left; similarly, to the right; same thing when in External View.  After the last update, these are reversed.  Now, to look left, I have to push the POV hat to the right; and, of course, vice versa.


I have spent some time muddling through the Options pages, but can locate no way to reassign viewpoints to the POV hat.  What's the trick?

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Go to options; select control options; set filter to “All”.

Select your Logitech stick from the tabs.

Select “Camera”.

Select “Cockpit Camera”.

Scroll down until you see a series of options for “Cockpit Views”.

Choose the appropriate cockpit view.

Click on the box in the table to the right of your selection and set which point of view settings you wish to use.

Windows 11, GeForce GTX 1660ti; 3.60 gigahertz AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core; Kingston SA2000M81000G SSD; 16 gb RAM; CH yoke; Saitek pedals; Two monitors; TrackIR 3.

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