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Thunder Over Louisville is coming 22 April!


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I know this isn't what this link is usually about, but I believe it will be of interest to those who view and post here.  Hundreds of various aircraft including many models of US and often a few other countries' military and civilian owed aircraft will fly over the Ohio River from about 15:30 to 21:00 US EST time on Saturday 22 April.  They also typically do several parachute jumps including at least one carrying the American flag around 21:00.


I'm told this show will be streamed on several different streaming sites, so it should be available to almost anyone on the net.  For those of you, especially I'm thinking of Phrog and JK, who are interested in military aircraft this is often the biggest air show of the year.


Personally, since I live under the designated practice area, I'll just pull up my lawn chair and grill and watch it from my own back yard.




Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Probably better to post things like this in The Outer Marker? Good that you're excited about the upcoming air show but that's not why people come visit the screenshot forum, is it?

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