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Auto Pilot controls

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It seems to me that every aircraft that I fly has a bug in the Auto-pilot controls.  I can get the altitude to hole, maybe the aircraft speed, and maybe the heading - but I have not one aircraft that all three work.  For a long time one of the Citations did work - all three at the same time....but after the last one or two updates happened, nothing works complete.


Computer specs

Intell@core i-7 -107000, 8-core 3.8GHz turbo, NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070 8GB, 16 GBDDR4 -3000MHz memory, 480GB solid state drive, 1TB SATA III hard drive, Windows 10.  Using 17 goflight modules, CH yoke and pedals, 49” monitor, 2-19” monitors and one 27” for a over head panel…if ever we get a over head panel that will detach and move.  The Goflight modules overall are work as designed.IMG_20201006_175346214.jpg.f571f0d7243fa824194c77edf4381a82.jpg

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