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Status of mapping control buttons?

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Hi, I've been mainly flying in DCS the last year and just thought I should give MSFS a go again.

The main problem for me in MSFS is how to map my controllers to commands.

I exclusively fly in VR so the keyboard is not an option.

I fired MSFS up and got frustrated again. Compared to DCS two things stand out:

1. Per plane commands. In DCS commands are given per aircraft, in MSFS you have no clue which command is applicable to which aircraft.

2 The implementation of the "clickable cockpit". Both have buttons and rotaries/dials that can be operated with the mouse buttons/scroll wheel. But the precision in DCS is superior to MSFS. In MSFS I really struggle with operating switches and dials. It really is bad.


The worst part is trying to operate a garmin device, and that's where I thought that mapping a control rotary would help.

I bought Axis and Oh's but it too complicated (or rather figuring out which command or LVAR etc. to use).


A long time ago I bought a Honeycomb throttle, but the stock mapping of buttons seems to only apply to specific aircraft.


So my question to the community is if there is a list of commands/ac or commands for the different garmin devices?


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