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RE: FSElite notifications?

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Hi guys I recently visited FSElite to download the GSX trial version for FSX and am now inundated with endless notifications from them in my windows 10 notification area (they appear on screen when I boot into windows!!)

I have registered at FSElite in the hope there would be a link to stop recieving them but no joy - I also messaged them a while back and again today but no joy!

Anyone know how to disable them?

BTW I have disabled notification in windows10 but they just keep coming!!! Grrrr!!

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Try doing an Internet search on 'disable notifications in <browser>'  Where <browser> is the browser you use.  They may be coming in that way..

Ernest Pergrem

System: i7-13700K, Gigabyte Z790 UD AX, 32GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Gaming, Windows 11 Pro 64-bit, MSFS 2020, FSX, Thrustmaster T.16000M Joystick, Cessna Pedals, Saitek Trim Wheel, Switch Panel, and Multi Panel

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I had exactly the same check my post here. It has my personal fix for it at trhe bottom of my text


i5 4690 (350mhz) with Arctic Cooler, 32GB Patriot Viper 1600mhz, ASUS Rock H97 performance MoBo, MSI Ventus XS OC 1660GTX 6GB, Windows10 64bit, 256GB and 500GB Crucial SSDs

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