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The latest update success

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Just wanted to mention that once again the sim update went flawlessly yesterday. This was one was rather large, but even with the 16 updates I also needed in the Content Manager it was completed in about 45 minutes without issue. So thanks Asobo/Microsoft. FWIW I bought my Deluxe version from the MS Store.

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35 minutes ago, Skitt2050 said:

I second your comments. I got mine done this morning and it was flawless!

Mine was effortless as well 🙂  

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I hate to be a wet blanket, especially since this is the first time I have had a problem with an update, and even more especially because it's probably my fault.


I launched the sim this morning and was taken to an update screen.  It said it was downloading the update, but everything was zeroes: download speed, progress, etc.  I waited for some time, probably not long enough, and paused the update download.  Then I couldn't get it to restart.  I closed the download/update window and that shut down the game entirely.


When I tried again to launch the sim, from either the taskbar or my library in the Microsoft store, it takes me to a screen called "Gaming Services" in the Microsoft Store.  I haven't figured out that I can do anything from that screen.  Based on some information in the reviews of the Gaming Services app and an official Microsoft help site, I repaired Gaming Services, reset Gaming Services, and uninstalled and re-installed it, rebooting each time.  It didn't help.


Maybe someone here has a suggestion.  I bought the premium edition in the Microsoft Store when it was first released and have routinely updated it each time without problems.


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