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Breakout, Turbulence, and Traffic (Oh My!)


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This short video showcases a few more of FS2020's visual and realism effects + some of the AI ATC.  In the clip, a Cirrus Vision Jet G2 is just leveling off at FL310 cruise altitude after breaking out climbing through a solid overcast.  The NEXRAD radar display on the left MFD half shows a large area of moderate precipitation below while the onboard weather radar on the right shows none at our altitude.


The aircraft encounters some turbulence in the cloud tops and at 1:20 into the video two traffic targets appear on the TCAS inset display in the PFD lower left.  A target at 3 o'clock heading away and one at 2 o'clock showing a crossing flight path and level at 700 feet below us.  Pretty close. As it gets closer it generates a yellow circular target symbol and a flashing Traffic Advisory on the PFD.  The current FS G3000 version doesn't generate Resolution Advisories and then the video clip ends but in case you're wondering there was no collision!


Also, there was no climb to FL330 as the Vison Jet G2 service ceiling is 31,000.  We requested and got 310 as the final.



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Time to come off autopilot an hone your hands-on skills. 

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