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Download for SimFlyers Washington Dulles (KIAD) scenery for FS2000?


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(Sorry for the forum cross-posting, but it's relevant to FS2000 and FS2002)

Would anyone have the installer (or know of a working download link) for the shareware version of SimFlyers Washington Dulles (KIAD) scenery for Flight Simulator 2000?

Unfortunately the links at Archive.org are dead:



Downloads for SimFlyers other sceneries at Archive.org still work, only the one for KIAD is broken.

This is the description from the web page at Archive.org:

FS2000 only. This is an older scenery package. It is FS2000/FS2002 compatible, however please use it for FS2000 installation only.

Main Scenery - sf-kiad2002.zip - 12.5 MB

So, note that even though the filename contains "2002", it's for FS2000

BTW, I noticed that here in the FlightSim.com FS2000 file libraries all of the SimFlyers scenery packs are available for download... all of them EXCEPT for KIAD. For example, SimFlyers sfklax02.zip and sf-kmco.zip for FS2000 are here at FlightSim.com, but unfortunately nothing for KIAD.

Anyhow, would anyone happen to have the installer for KIAD, or know of a working download link for the installer?

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