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Q - What if DUAL Install, and then you remove FSX-Box. Do Paths change ??


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If you have FSX-Box installed first.

And you also install FSX-Steam

FSX-Steam will create new folder names,

such as C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE

and the screenshot folder C:\Users\\Pictures\Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition


The FSX-Box screenshot folder is C:\Users\\Pictures\Flight Simulator X Files


And all is well.



What if I then decide to uninstall FSX-Box ?????

-1- Nothing.

-2- Or will FSX-Steam suddenly start using the \FSX path??????????

So, on closing, will Steam from then on store FSX.cfg in:

C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX ?

And are STEAM screenshots from now on saved in:

C:\Users\\Pictures\Flight Simulator X Files ?


(I'm mostly interested in what happens to the screenshots)


Thank you,


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- 1 -


What is in the registry of SE, remains that way. You would have to consciously change the registry entries yourself. AFAIK the only time that SE looks for it's older brother is on installation.

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Yep, Once it's installed, it will keep the same original for SE paths.

Mine has separate folders for each being I have both. I have no plans to delete

the box version, but if I did, SE would stay as is.

I have a "Flight Simulator X Files" folder, and also a "Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition Files" folder under the pictures folder.

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