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question - What if Steam installed first, then Box too?


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I'm so confused about Steam installing.

I'm writing a readme for an addon and there are just to many if's and's and butt's.


If you install FSX-Steam on a virgin system,

Steam installs it's system files such as FSX.cfg and EXE.xml in




What would happen if you then also try to install FSX Box.

I would think that will Always install it's files to that same folder:


And they would have the same names. FSX.cfg EXE.xml, etc


I can think of three things that could happen.

-1- FSX-Box won't install.

-2- FSX-Box will create a new folder called: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-Copy

-3-FSX Box just copies files to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX, overwriting Steams files, and mayhem ensues.


I know, because of this isues, you should probably install box first.

I'm just trying to cover all angles.

Thank you,


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Interesting scenario. Without having tried this I suspect that BOX will think that it is already installed and offer you only the 'repair' option. Do this, and everything goes south. It is either that or -3-


-2- cannot happen, FSX box is not designed to do this.


If you are writing a readme (autothumbnail redux?), always suspect the worst case and the dumbest user...

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