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Bob Chilico's Flight Dynamics Article Bob-sFlightDynamicsRevised2.zip


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Some years ago I downloaded the above article and found it very useful. Unfortunately my copy which was on a CD is no longer readable. Does anyone know where I can obtain this from now as I have been unable to find it on the current FlightSim site.



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I think this is the file you are looking for; note the correct spelling on the author's name:


FS2004/FSX Flight Dynamics Tutorial Update

FS2004/FSX Flight Dynamics Tutorial Update. This is a revised version of the Flight Dynamics Tutorial, Final Edition, in PDF format. It adds a few things and changes some content to reflect the current understanding about editing the flight dynamics of the aircraft of the various versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is for anyone wanting to know more about why some aircraft in the simulator fly the way they do, as well as those interested in changing the way the aircraft fly. By Bob Chicilo.


You cannot currently search by file name but I found this by searching on "Chicilo revised".

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