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XPlane12 04b3 released, will not work with GTX10xx and Zink.


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If you are using Nvidia GTX series, 1070, 1080 and enable Zink, new feature, the sim will no longer start.

Re installing the sim using the Installer will Not fix the problem. Make sure you have / keep an older complete version saved before you use b3.

I found no solution for it yet, it may require a complete new installation?

I have no idea what is going on at LR, but things that are a problem for the users never get fixed, like dark cockpits... and they keep adding new features that completely render the sim useless.

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I have an update on one possible procedure that may work for others that I used.

I replaced the latest X-Plane.exe with an old version 1200r6 and I used the installer to upgrade to the version without the beta being selected.

After about 1 hr of "Do you want to replace the old files"... it updated to 1203r1 and it now starts up but I was not able to evaluate to what level it works.

Note: If you already have XP12, and value your sanity, do Not download the betas. If you do not have XP12, I suggest you do not get it, try XP11 instead. I am not sure how long, if ever, XP12 will take to be useful, if ever, but I would not suggest that you download the beta versions.



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