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Electronic E6B

Baron Fritz

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I ran across a couple of items which may be of interest to some.

The first one is Jamie's Flight Computer- E6BJA. Do not be put off by the name, the app was written by Dr. Jamie, definitely not a rank amateur! This is a fully functional, easy to use, electronic E6B. It is in a large, fill in the blanks format and when you scroll to the bottom of each section, there is also an explanation of what is going on. This calculator should be a valuable aid to your flight sim activities, unless, of course, you are addicted to using GPS and an FMC (aka plastic brains). This one is a freebie by the way.

The next one is Avia Weather, a no frills, simple to use aviation weather program. While there are a few more weather programs "out there", fancier, more complicated and EXPENSIVE, I prefer this one if only for its simplicity and CHEAPNESS - it sets you back just under $8 a year, and there is a 7 day trial period. One feature I find handy is that one can obtain detailed weather for your starting point, destination airport and all your way points which include current METAR, time of issue / expiry, TAF, as well as applicable NOTAMS. All you do is add your chosen airports to the "my stations" section, and you will have up to date info which you can easily access  as you go along, in flight; it keeps the info up to date automaticly.

Some of you may have noticed that these are cell phone apps and have started to turn away - well hold your horses pardner, there's a little more to the story.

There is one more piece of the puzzle required in order to make this work, https://www.bluestacks.com/ . This is a cell phone emulator which allows you to use the above apps in concert with FS2004, and probably with that other sim, you know the one that starts with an M.- Ok, to be honest it will run most any Android app from the Google Play Store as it is an independent program, and for flight sim use it happily runs minimized until you want to access your chosen app. I am using BlueStacks 5. The BlueStacks 10 seems to be aimed even more at gamers. I have not encountered any problems using version 5 with either of the above apps. simultaneously with FS2004.

Both Jamie's E6B and Avia Weather are available in the Google Play Store aviation apps section.

I thought I would pass this along, I found them very handy.





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