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Hdtv for monitor?

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Is there anybody that has successfully been using a newer HDTV for a monitor? Some of these TV's are getting pretty cheap and have what seems to be adequate specs to use one for a monitor. Obviously the bigger screen size would be nice, say for example a 32". Seeing some with 1920 x 1080 and 60 Mhz refresh rates I can't help but wonder how one might work for a monitor.


I have read many forums about this but it seems the opinions vary widely and many of these posts are from a few years back which even a few years makes a huge difference from the TV's of today. Many people say text is not as good, but I'm not looking at doing documents or spreadsheets. I want to use a 32 inch TV for flightsim.


I do understand a lot of this is also dependent on the pc running it all but I'm doing an upgrade on the pc as well.


Any comments? Thanks guys !!



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I use a 32" Phiips HDTV @ 1650 x 1080, with 2x27" monitors at same resolution. Works great for me.


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