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I've lost touch with some of this, I get this error when starting FS9, I can find the folder FSGSE in the main scenery but when I look to find AREA 39 it isn't showing anywhere, it asks for a few more areas as well after I click OK.

I need pointing in the right direction, I will kick myself when someone tells me, I should know all this lol.


fsgse error.jpg

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The areas are in your scenery.cfg in the root FS folder, as:


Title=EZ Objects
Local=Addon Scenery\ezobjects

Title=Flightport Libraries
Local=Addon Scenery\Flightport_Gmax_Lib


"Local=" is the path where FS is looking for that scenery;  if the scenery has been moved, deleted, or renamed it naturally will not be found.   It is a good idea to periodically backup the cfg file as it can become corrupted and cause all sorts of mayhem.


SceneryConfigEditor is a nice utility which allows complete editing of the cfg file outside the sim;  it also allows creation of groups of scenery which can be enabled/disabled together.


FWIW, most scenery can be placed anywhere on your system (a few require installation to "Addon Scenery"), so placing the majority in a folder on another drive can make the sim more efficeint - one drive reads/loads FS9 itself while the other reads/loads scenery.

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I do not use the scenery Library in FS to add new scenery. Instead I add it directly to scenery.cfg file. 

  • Add the new folder with (scenery and texture subfolders) to Addon Scenery folder.
  • Open scenery.cfg text file and add new scenery to the bottom (usually copy the last one already there). Change the [Area.xxx] with next number. And change the Layer to the next number.
  • Add the new area folder path to Title= and Local=
  • Works all the time

My last two areas:

Title=UTTT Taskent
Local=Addon Scenery\UTTT Taskent


Title=UTDD Dushanbe
Local=Addon Scenery\UTDD Dushanbe


Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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25 minutes ago, beroun said:

add it directly to scenery.cfg file

Interesting approach. Will give this a try. Is there any specific advantage to this method, loading time, etc?

Seems pretty straight forward otherwise.

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13 hours ago, ColR1948 said:

Thanks Chris it is FSGlobal scenery, where is the scenery cfg, I haven't been on FS for ages my mind has gone mate?


In the FDGSE in AFR folder all the files are numbered like A5S2208.bgl and so on.



My scenery.cfg is in C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FS9 ... you'll need to edit the path to suit your install 😉 


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17 hours ago, beroun said:

The Scenery.cfg file, I am talking about, is in the Main FS9 (FS2004) folder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one in  the C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FS9 takes info from it.

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