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Garmin 3000 Avionics Detail


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Here are some random shots showing detail of the Garmin 3000 Perspective Touch PFD and MFD in a Cirrus Vision Jet SF50 G2 on approach to Boston (KBOS)


The aircraft has two 14-inch primary flight data displays with three touch screen control panels beneath.  The left control panel is for the PFD, the center for the MFD, and the right is for comm.



The white triangles on the TCAS map insert in the lower left corner of the PFD shows traffic around the airport which is at our 4 o'clock position as we begin the approach.




The split screen display feature on the MFD is a very handy capability.  In place of the nav map currently being displayed we could call up the approach and landing checklists to go with the approach plate.  In the RW aircraft the PFD can also be split screen.  So, checklists or the approach plate could also go there.  This is not (currently) implemented in the MSFS Vision Jet G3000.



Turning inbound to line up on the final approach course.



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Wow!  It's amazing how far glass cockpits have come!  I hugely remember how it was to navigate at low altitudes using VOR, TACAN, ADF, etc. back in the day. 


We never dreamed of seeing a large commercial airliner utilizing instruments that are taken for granted in a new G.A. cockpit today! 



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Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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