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MSFS TBM930 AAU1 - Garmin G3000 Avionics Suite Introduction and Flight Deck Overview

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The Aircraft and Avionics Update 1 introduced on January 31, 2023 brings Microsoft Flight Simulator to an unprecedented level. The G3000 in Flight Simulator is now the most advanced G3000 in the personal flight simulator. Video 1 in this series presents the essentials to understand the G3000 layout and operation in the TBM 930.






  • Comprehensive visual overhaul for accurate font, symbology, look, operation, and feel, including Garmin Touch Controller (GTC) visuals that are faithful to the real unit complete with UI animations
  • Advanced flight plan support, including arcs, radius-to-fix, intercepts, holds, procedure turns, and missed approaches
  • Support for custom waypoints, including lat/lon, point/bearing/distance, and present position
  • Two (aircraft-dependent) styles of coupled VNAV: Simple VNAV: Descent path VNAV only, always targets bottom-most altitude constraint Advanced VNAV: Climb constraint and descent path VNAV, vertical path smoothing through varied constraint types, editable constraints, and flight path angles
  • Independent PFD and GTC options
  • PFDs and MFDs with full split-pane support
  • Support for the full set of context-dependent GTC knob controls
  • GPS satellite and SBAS simulation, including real orbital mechanics-based satellite positions, accurate SBAS coverage areas, and GPS status page
  • Comprehensive traffic system implementations, including (aircraft-dependent) spec-compliant Garmin TIS, TAS, and TCAS-II
  • Support for multiple layout styles, including horizontal or vertical GTCs, screen-pane options, numbers of screens, and more
  • Support for custom V-speed bugs, SVT, angle of attack indicator, HSI moving map, timers, minimums, and bearing pointers
  • A multitude of customization options, including measurement units, all saved per screen and/or aircraft
  • AHRS alignment and startup sequence
  • JavaScript plugin support for loading:
  • Engine Instruments and Systems (EIS) displays
  • Custom PFD or MFD display panes (full- or half-screen)
  • Custom GTC navigation, icons, and pages
  • Aircraft systems simulation and instrument styling



  • Support and wiring for the new Garmin G3000
  • Support for fully coupled Basic VNAV, as found in the real aircraft
  • Customized and highly accurate EIS
  • Systems synoptic pages
  • Customized electrical modeling
  • Support for opening exterior cockpit and cabin doors


Complete Release Notes


Laurie Doering

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