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Tutorial: Maneuvering During Slow Flight -- Common Mistakes


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Love it! I just came across this video for the first time (I explore here a little at a time), and I have to applaud the way you covered this extremely important subject. The emphasis on trim and gentle corrections is great too.


That was a nice demonstration of adverse yaw. I might mention, for those simmers who deal with older aircraft such as a Champ or a Cub that, at least in real life, the adverse yaw is greater than in the C172, mainly due to the difference in the way ailerons are hinged- the downgoing aileron in those older aircraft travels a lot further in relation to the upgoing one than it does in the C172, creating more drag thus more yaw. Don't know if this new sim reflects that though.


You've done a great job on all these videos, and it's neat to watch- thanks.


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Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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38 minutes ago, lnuss said:

That was a nice demonstration of adverse yaw.

Often not mentioned by newer flight instructors in newer aircraft.

Well done all around.

Flight sim to real, at its best.

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