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Seattle Landmarks and KDCA Washington National Updated

Adrian K

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Updates from Drzewiecki Design

Seattle Landmark and  KDCA Washington National have both been updated

Seattle Landmark 1.3
- Compatibility with WU2+WU10 photogrammetry
- Unused street polygons removed
- Mesh and vertor data fixes
- All helipads are now landable, are marked as airports and have start locations
- Night textures are tuned for better visuals
- Edits to the shoreline
- LOD changes

KDCA Washington National MSFS 1.4 
- All jetways fixed (docking issue)
- Gate numbers added to all jetways
- Gates E46-E59 layout update
- Gate names A, B, C, D, E added
- Interior fixes
- Glass material fixes
- Trees on RWY 19 approach fixed
- Offset custom PAPI RWY 19 (for River Visual) lights added
- Other texture bugs fixed




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