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MSFS2020 and Logitech G Flight Yoke - not working right - need help

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My son has the PC version of MSFS2020 and the Logitech G yoke system (with additional rudder pedals). Unfortunately, the system doesn't work right. The drivers for controls are installed and I can view and test them in Windows Control Panel's Game Controller settings. All axis, buttons, etc respond and are working. Now, when he launches the flight sim, two things happen:

1. The yoke system doesn't work from the start

2. The yoke system works for a while but then stops

Now, the yoke still responds in the Game Controller settings even when it doesn't work in MSFS so I am assuming that the drivers are fine but the issue is with MSFS setup. The only thing we have noticed is that when it starts and works, the moment we do something with a mouse, the yoke stops responding. It is like MSFS switches from yoke controls to mouse controls disabling the yoke.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Are we missing some settings?

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