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FS 2020 Training Sim to FSX?

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I'm looking at getting back into FS after last playing FSX about 10 years ago. So as far as I am concerned I would be starting from scratch. 

I did like the Rob Machado lessons that was built into FSX as it was easy to follow and enjoyable. 

Does FS 2020 have the same built in lesson program? If not are there any suggestions? 




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MSFS 2020 does have its own training activities based on Sedona in Arizona.  It will teach you to fly in a C152.

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Hi El


The 'training' in MSFS 2020 is pretty limited.


There are some good people on you tube who I've found really good. There is a guy called 'squirrel' who does video on everything from the cesna 152 up to the airliners.



Good luck. 🙂


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You Tube is your friend 🙂  there are a TON of Flight Sim tutorials there.

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