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vertical speed Boeing 737, 747,787

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Hello everyone.
I've been looking for weeks for a setting to add a button to "vertical speed on"
If you set the altitude in a Boeing and the vertical speed, the aircraft will reach the set altitude at a certain moment.
And then the "altitude hold on" button will turn on and the aircraft will hover at this altitude.
But if you then want to go to a new altitude, set it at altitude . (no problem)
Then you have to press the button "vertical speed on" via the mouse on the instrument panel to then ascend or descend.
But this is exactly what I'm looking for, that I don't have to work with the mouse, but can put the button "vertical speed on" on a button on my keyboard or joystick.
I do not work with the mouse and put everything on buttons and joystick, only this button is not the right setting.

Thx .  Guy


sorry for my english, i'm not very good at it

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