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Some thoughts on new site.

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1 hour ago, jgf said:

a simple notification of "complete aircraft" or "repaint";  and if a repaint, a link the the relevant aircraft

Until this does occur, the content creators can add "Complete Model" "Complete Aircraft" "Repaint" to the file title when uploaded. And, they can add any link file names and other helpful info in the file description. Not automatic, but at least it would help with searches.

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On 3/7/2023 at 10:13 AM, Markg55 said:

Not digging it

And just what do you not dig about it?  Those working behind the scenes cannot address an issue if they do not know what it is.  You have a group of new people converting a 25 year old site to new software, the amount of data in the forums and the size of the download libraries must be staggering.  It is an ongoing process and we are the beta testers.

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Hey all, 


Been around quite a while, never really into the forum thing.. but I totally understand the benefit of it.

The new site looks great, from the parts I've surfed so far.

Kudo's to those putting in the effort.

Your work will probably never get the credit it deserves.


If I may be so bold, or perhaps I've missed it.. would love to see the advanced file search option again.. 

My html experience is extremely limited, perhaps there's a 'lighter' version I'm not seeing.. 

I'm usually very targeted when I visit, don't need to see about 3/4 of the stuff that's default displayed.

And this is totally just me, and old fart thing most likely.. not intended as a judgement, gripe groan or grief in any way !!!


Anyways, thanks again for the site !



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