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Lack of Aircraft Downloads of PD3 in the FlightSim Library-- is this intentional?


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When I look in the FlightSim.com file library in the PD3 section (all the way at the bottom of the pulldown menu), I notice there are no subsections for aircraft. Only "All Files", "Miscellaneous", and "Scenery". This is unlike FSX and FS9.


If I go into PD3/All Files and type in the search box, let's say... "Boeing 737-800" it comes up empty in the results. I'm wondering why this is, when there are a lot of these planes (as one simple example) that show up in the other various flight sim platforms? Maybe I'm just not understanding the whole philosophy and intent of Prepar3D quite yet. Is it because...


1. Not many people have made and uploaded add-on aircraft for P3D, because the sim is so young?


2. P3D wants you to purchase aircraft as payware and support their payware sponsors, so there really are no freeware aircraft available that have hit the FlightSim.com library as of yet?


3. P3D is really more geared for smaller aircraft &/or military aircraft, and they really prefer you use their default aircraft?




4. All FSX aircraft are directly compatible with P3D, so there's no need to make a separate listing of available aircraft in the FlightSim.com library under P3D... everybody here knows to go to the FSX section if they want an aircraft-- (and I'm apparently the only person in the whole wide world who didn't know that)?


Sorry if this is a really lame question. It just struck me as odd, so I'm just trying to understand the system, as it compares to what I'm used to.


If #'s 1, 2, and/or 3 are correct, and I'm wrong with #4, then that is a strong deterrent to getting P3D. But if #4 holds true, than disregard and I'm just unaware of the flexibility of the system.


Thank you,


-- John

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John... Welcome to the 'Dark Side'!

Pretty much most FSX's add-ons will work. There are some stunning freeware planes out there.

Your 1, 2 & 3 questions are interesting, as they are quite logical for guys coming into the P3D arena, but your No. 4 holds true.


Also, have a look at the other freeware sites/forums as well..

look at http://www.avsim.com, http://www.sim-outhouse.com, http://www.simviation.com if you have not already. There is much to read out there.


Cape Town, South Africa

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I don't get involved in the Library so I cannot answer specifically but I believe the uploader has the choice of where the file goes. Since there are not that many NATIVE P3D aircraft that are freeware, the listings are sparse.



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